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“Seasonal Vendor” refers to vendors applying or approved for a booth space for the entirety of the Ilderton Farmers Market’s 2024 season.

“Occasional Vendor” refers to vendors who rent a spot by the week.

“Farm Vendors” refers to vendors selling their own product that is produced on their own farm/property, or family members’ farm/property. A Farm Vendor may hire employees to sell products for them.

“Market Manager” refers to the person(s) in charge of managing the market. (Contact by email at


The Ilderton Farmers Market runs every Saturday morning, from 9 am - 12 noon from June 8th until Thanksgiving weekend, October 12th (19 weeks). The Ilderton Farmers Market is located at the southern parking lot of the Community Bible Church, adjacent to Hyde Park Road (entrance at 100 Meadowcreek Drive, Ilderton).



  1. All applicants must submit the online application form by clicking on the link below.

  2. Seasonal Vendor Fees for one 10’ x 10’ space is $420, taxes included (which equals $22.10/week).  An additional double-wide space can be purchased for $255 for the season.  

  3. Occasional Vendor Fees are $30 per week for one 10’ x 10’ space and an additional $15 for a double-wide space, taxes included. Occasional Vendor Fees

  4. Fees may be waived for charitable organizations. The Ilderton Farmers Market reserves the right to limit the number of charitable organizations per week depending on the spaces and funds available to support this.

  5. Fees for Season Vendors are due May 1st.  Occasional Vendors must be paid 5 days before the expected date of attendance (Monday prior).

  6. A spot is secured only after approval by the Market Manager AND receipt of payment.

  7. All fees are non-refundable.



  1. We are a producer-based market and allow only farm products, food/drinks, and artisan goods to be sold at our market.

  2. Vendors can sell only the items listed on their application forms to avoid duplication.  Any additional items must first be approved by the Ilderton Farmers Market Manager.

  3. 70% of the Vendor's products must be their own goods.  Complementary goods that they did not grow, bake or make themselves must be clearly labeled indicating who produced the products.  Farm Vendors selling produce they did not grow on their farm must have signage that states the FARM that the product came from, as well as the POINT OF ORIGIN (the town and province)

  4. Vendors wishing to sell craft beer, wine, or ciders must adhere to the regulations set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and obtain any and all permits/approvals/licenses required by all Applicable Laws. Such vendors must provide copies of pertinent documentation to the Market Manager.




  1. The Market Manager will assign a designated vendor space for each attending vendor.

  2. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables and tents.  All vendor tents and displays must be weighted securely from wind gusts. 

  3. The vendor shall set up their booth prior to 9:00 am, and shall maintain the space adequately until 12 noon.

  4. There is no water or hydro available. Vendors may bring their own generators, as long as they meet all public safety standards and present no risk to the public, vendors, or any adjacent properties. We suggest you consider a sheet of plywood or other noise-blocking measures if your generator is excessively loud.

  5. All vendors cooking food on-site shall ensure the following:  

    1. Open flame cooking appliances are not permitted within a tent or tent-type structure and must be approved CSA/ULC appliances. 

    2. Any Vendor using an open flame appliance must have an ABC fire extinguisher of appropriate size that has been inspected within the last year, and located in an accessible location.

    3. Electrical heating devices ARE permitted for use under a tent if the food does not emit grease-laden vapours.




  1. Each food vendor is required to have any and all appropriate permissions and documentation from respective governing bodies in order to sell their product. The applicant accepts all responsibility for obtaining and providing current proof of permission/documentation to the Market Manager.

  2. Vendors who are preparing and cooking food on site must have at their booth a minimum of 1 person who has obtained their Food Handler’s Certificate. Such certificate must be present during market hours and a copy must be provided to the Market Manager.

  3. Food Vendors MUST have their names, farm/business locations, and product names posted prominently in their booths.

  4. Food product descriptions shall contain no misleading information. Proper labeling and signage with POINT OF ORIGIN are required for all food products as per the Ontario Food Safety guidelines.

  5. Certification is REQUIRED for all products labeled organic.

  6. It is against the law to sell uninspected meats, unpasteurized milk, or ungraded eggs at a farmer’s market.

  7. Market food vendors must ensure that the food is manufactured, processed, prepared, stored, handled, displayed, distributed, transported, sold, or offered for sale in a manner that ensures the product is not a health hazard. This is the vendor’s responsibility and The Ilderton Farmers Market is not liable for the vendor’s failure to do so. Vendors not able to meet this requirement may receive notice from the Middlesex London Health Unit and may be subject to removal from the market by the Market Manager.

  8. Food vendors must inform Public Health Units in advance of when they plan to begin operating and be sure that they understand their obligations. This form can be found on the Sell With Us page of our website.

  9. For prepared food items, products must clearly state the vendor’s name and the contents in the food package or container.


The market will run, rain or shine, on scheduled market days.

It is at the discretion of the Market Manager(s) to close the market early or cancel the market for the day due to severe weather, including, but not limited to, high winds, driving rain, lightning, or tornado activity. The Market Manager will track severe weather and send out an email notice by 6:00 AM on the market day if the market will be closed for the day. If this unlikely announcement is not made by 6:00 AM, then the market will run as usual, and vendors who have paid for the day are expected to attend.  




The Ilderton Farmers Market holds insurance for the market that covers its patrons and the Market itself.  It does not provide coverage for the Vendors or their products.  We suggest our vendors obtain their own insurance. 

The Ilderton Farmers Market shall not in any way be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses to vendors including physical injuries, thefts, damages of product, or any other loss or damage.  The Ilderton Farmers Market is not responsible for any issues arising from improper health and safety acts performed by the vendor.


If you have any questions concerning our Vendor Information & Requirements, please contact Kara, our Market Manager at

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