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We are a producer-based farmers market and are proud to provide a link between our local farmers and our residential community.  We are strong supporters of local producers and entrepreneurs and have established the following criteria for vendor and product eligibility:

1.  Preference will be given to Primary Producers.  (Those who grow or raise on their farms or gardens the products they sell).

2.  Only vendors selling farm/garden products, food/drinks, and handcrafted goods will be accepted.

3.  70% of each vendor's products must be their own goods.  Complimentary goods that they did not grow, bake or make themselves must be clearly labeled indicating who produced the products.

3.   No brokers are permitted as vendors. (A broker is someone who does not grow or produce his/her own products but instead buys goods that are resold at the market.)*

4.  Vendors must live within a 40 km radius of the village of Ilderton.  This is to ensure our continued support for local producers. * 

*  These criteria may be waived at the discretion of the market organizers in order to support a greater selection of products.

To apply to become a vendor, please print and complete the Vendor Agreement, Application Form and MLHU Form (if you intend to sell food) and email them to, or deliver to 102-13229 Ilderton Rd., Ilderton, or mail to P.O. Box 383, Ilderton Ontario, N0M 2A0.  Submitting an application does not mean you've been accepted.  The organizing committee will select from all applicants the vendors who best suit our needs.


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