We are proud of the fact our market is a producer-based market that has earned the provincial designation as an official "Farmers Market".  This designation allows us to be exempt from some Food Premises Regulations such as requiring a licensed commercial kitchen to prepare foods.  This means that baking and preserves made in your home kitchens can be sold at our market.  In order to maintain this designation, more than 50% of our vendors most grow/raise on their farms/gardens the products they sell at our market, and no more than 25% can be artisan/craft vendors.

As a producer-based market, we have established the following criteria for vendor and product eligibility:

1.  Only farm/garden products, food/drinks, and hand-crafted goods can be sold.

2.  70% of each vendor's products must be their own goods.  Complimentary goods that they did not grow, bake or make themselves must be clearly labeled indicating who produced the products.

3.   No brokers are permitted as vendors. (A broker is someone who does not grow or produce his/her own products but instead buys goods which are resold at the market.)*

4.  Vendors must live within a 40 km radius of the village of Ilderton.  This is to ensure our continued support for local producers. * 

*  These criteria may be waived at the discretion of the market organizers in order to support a greater selection of products.

We offer flexibility to our vendors and you are welcome to attend a few Saturdays at $20/week for a 10'x10' space, or you can sign up for the entire season (15 weeks) at the reduced rate of $250 for a 10'x10' space.  For more information, and to apply to become a vendor, please click on the Vendor Application and Agreement Forms link below.


 Vendor Application and Agreement Forms

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